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ISO 49001 Certification
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Opportunities carry both risks and chances. They are essential for a business to grow. However, a solid back-up plan has to be in place for every opportunity that surfaces. The right strategy has to be in place for every situation. External factors like market changes are considerably overestimated and in contrast internal risks are marginalized. The ONR 49001 certifications is associated with Risk Management which can complement existing management systems such as the ISO 9001.

Risks are usually undetected or estimated wrongly. This results in inaccurate allocation of priorities, unclear and undefined responsibilities, and a slowdown in the communication process. In a worst case scenario, a lack of risk consciousness can endanger the future of the entire company.

Find out how much ISO 49001 certification could cost your business.

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  • ISO 9001 -
    Quality Management
  • ISO 50001-
    Energy Management
  • ISO 9001-
    Quality Management for Small Businesses
  • ISO 28000 Security- Management for the Supply Chain
  • ISO 14001-Environmental Management
  • ISO 13485-
    Medical Devices
  • OHSAS 18001- Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 80079- Equipment for Explosive Areas
  • ISO 22000-
    Food Safety
  • ISO 3834-
    Welding Technical Requirements
  • ISO 9004-
    QMS Performance Improvement
  • EN 15224-
    Health Care
  • ISO 10002-
    Customer Satisfaction
  • GxP HACCP-
    Hygiene in Practices
  • ISO 10006-
    QM Management in Projects
  • HACCP-
    Hygiene in Practices
  • ÖNR 49001-
    Risk Management
  • WHO-
    HACCP Food
  • ISO 12100-
    Safety of Machinery
  • 2012/83/EC-
    Good Sales Practice GDP
  • ISO 15378-
    Primary Packaging GMP
  • GMP-
    Good manufacturing Practice
  • ISO 22716 -Cosmetics GMP
  • EN 15221-
    Facility Management
  • ISO 26000-
    Social Responsibility
  • EU 333/2011-Criteria for Scrap Down
  • SA 8000-
    Social Accountability System Certification
  • CE Marking

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